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The web would be a wonderful place, if only it were a little less overwhelming.

We design beautiful sites with elegant interfaces for users who just want a flexible online home that works as it should.

It’s our way of giving a little more time back to the world.
Bod Cantwell
Founder of City Center Therapy

Cosmos Customer

Every day we speak to SME owners who know what they want from their websites but end up falling just short.

Either they’re lured into money pits by jargon-fluent agencies or given cookie-cutter solutions by template-happy freelancers. Some end up enrolled in code school while getting to grips with ‘simple’ site builders.

So, we asked ourselves: how can we do things differently?

We knew we wanted to deliver agency-quality work with the personal service and support you’d expect from the best of independents. And we wanted to offer enough flexibility to let clients update their sites without getting lost.

We also knew we wanted to do this only for businesses who align with our own watchwords. And for owners who value honesty, transparency, and hold an ethical worldview that looks after people and planet.

With Cosmos, we’ve accomplished this and more. 

Complete with efficient coding and dynamic, responsive design, Cosmos sites stand up to the best big agencies have to offer. 

And it’s not just our sites that are responsive. You’ll find us on call whenever you need us to help your website grow with your business.

Finally, using our unique client dashboard, you can keep track of work, report issues, view invoices and make simple updates without ever having to immerse yourself in the murky world of code.  

It all adds up to an elegant, growth-ready solution for new-starters and established businesses alike – all provided by an independent team who love doing what they do.

How Cosmos builds professional websites at affordable prices

At Cosmos, we believe there are many things agencies could do to cut out to achieve better cost-efficiency without cutting quality. 

Take those fancy city-centre offices, for example. 

Unlike big design agencies, we don’t need expensive warehouses with exposed brick walls to create our best work. We’re just as content to code from home or at co-working spaces, and pass on the savings to clients.

As well as being great at what we do, we’re a curious, friendly team. We know that meaningful work means building close relationships and a firsthand understanding of business needs. 

So, we’ve done away with unnecessary intermediaries too. 

This isn’t just Cosmos cost-effectiveness. It’s also our way of making sure clients are never hard-sold, up-sold or convinced to purchase irrelevant services.

And it leaves us free to work with fellow geeks and creatives who live for coding, design, user experience and all the other ingredients it takes to establish a lasting online presence.